Indicus Analytics was established in December 2000 and has since become India’s premier economic research and data analytics firm. We help our clients cut through the maze that is India to unravel the various facets of the Indian economy, markets and consumers.

Our multidisciplinary team follows, analyzes, and reports the latest economic, market and consumption trends. Our data analytics solutions provide insights about the economy and the consumers at extremely granular levels - city, district and neighborhoods. Our methodologies include patent-pending algorithms that are capable of distilling insights from our core data, which is derived from highly authentic public data sources.

Indicus research services and data products have received world-wide recognition. Top-most national and international corporate bodies, industry associations, governments, academia and media houses use our research to understand the Indian economy, consumers and markets better. Indicus soon plans to extend its footprints in the arena of global research and data analytics solutions.


We wish to bring quantitative insights into the lives and minds of people, at a low cost, while achieving a high degree of granularity. We seek to do this by combining quantitative techniques in our unique style of connecting different pieces of information.


The integrity of research, data and the spoken and written word has been instrumental in Indicus’ past success. Every researcher and analyst at Indicus will attest to the importance of generating trust both internally and in the external eco system.


Whether as a partner, or as an employee, or as a client, any interaction with Indicus should be beneficial to all concerned. It is our objective to create a surplus in all our actions, with some part of that surplus converting into a profit for us as well.


At Indicus we pride ourselves on being a pioneer, an industry-leader and a great place to work in. Our work environment fosters constant challenges providing an ongoing learning experience to our people and offers them immense opportunities to grow both in terms of skills development as well as professional experience. Our doors are always open to people who share our vision and ambitions, our competitive spirit, and the desire for success and become a force for good.

Our work atmosphere is collegial and provides freedom in decision-making to all. Each is encouraged to write for newspapers and to publish either jointly or independently in national and international journals. The acknowledgements we receive allow us to serve our clients all over the world in a better way thereby reinforcing our efforts to make the right decisions.

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